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Cities D
 D -

Dakota City, IA

Dallas, IA

Dallas Center, IA

​Dana, IA

Danbury, IA

Danville, IA

​Davenport, IA

​​Davis City, IA

Dawson, IA

Dayton, IA

​De Soto, IA

​De Witt, IA

Decatur, IA

Decorah, IA

​​Dedham, IA

Deep River, IA

Defiance, IA

Delaware, IA

Delhi, IA

Delmar, IA

Deloit, IA

Delta, IA

Denison, IA

​Denmark, IA

Denver, IA

​Derby, IA

Des Moines, IA

​​Dewar, IA

Dewitt, IA

​​Dexter, IA

Diagonal, IA

Dickens, IA

Dike, IA
​Dixon, IA

Dolliver, IA

Donahue, IA

Donnellson, IA
​Doon, IA

Dorchester, IA

Douds, IA

Dougherty, IA

Dow City, IA

Dows, IA

​Drakesville, IA

Dubuque, IA

​​Dumont, IA

Duncombe, IA

Dundee, IA

Dunkerton, IA

​Dunlap, IA

​Durango, IA

Durant, IA

​Dyersville, IA

​Dysart, IA
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"Dexter, Iowa"

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