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​ Welcomes Tourist Season 2023 
  Howdy, I designed and put together this directory in a very special way using highly developed & technical tactics. For 30 years I lived next Interstate I35, on the State line of the Missouri/Iowa border. I am within a 15 mile radius of 3 visitor Welcome Centers, 7 fueling stations, & 10 restaurants. The past few years I have placed gift bags in these establishments. With the Covid19 vaccine coming out, Tourist Season 2022 will be a great season. Everyone will be taking vacations. They will all be taking their dream vacations and then some! For the coming up season, I would like to place more gift bags @ more locations. Finding more treasures to share with you and them at the cheapest prices and best quality I can. According to the US Dept. of Transportation 15 million vehicles and 10 million semis pass through a year. We are letting a majority of them pass us by. I am inviting you to register all your websites, places and businesses. Together we can get out all the information as possible to everyone traveling. Broaden all horizons. Tourist Season usually starts the first of April. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank You, Paula 

Company or Organization__________________________________Dept.#_________________ 
Contact Persons Name __________________________________________________________ 
Title _________________________________________________________________________ 
Business Type _________________________________________________________________ 
Phone number__________________________________________________________________ 
E-mail address__________________________________________________________________ 
Payment method Check__________ Cash___________ Money Order______________________  

1 Year Registration $20                                    Register your Website, Facebook page, 
2 Year Registration $40                                         Google  page or Twitter. 
3 Year Registration $60 
.. Lifetime Registration $100 
  Bulletin Ads Whole page bulletin ads $100 with your registration. LIFETIME $999 
For yearly camera ads: special ad rates below with registration 
1"x2" camera ready ad $25 Or, we can special build your ad for you. 
2"x3.5" camera ready ad $45 All ads when clicked on will take you 
2.5"x5" camera ready ad $55 directly to your website 
2.5"x7" camera ready ad $75 
All camera ready ads will be used as banners and linked to your websites. 
  Special Bonuses: Register all your other websites for only $2.00 each, after your first registration. Your whole page ad could be used as your own website page. All bulletin ads or links will be linked directly to your website or pages. has been custom build & modified in a 100s of ways that no other website has. It is unique and one of a kind. Place your promotional products in to my gift bags that I place at the Welcome Centers $10.00 per 100.  

​ We Thank You for your support in our growing business.
 Iowa tax id:1-27-004575
Missouri tax is 2000613490
Paula Palmer, 26068 175th. Ave, Decatur City Iowa 50067

Cash app: $CowgirlPaula27 

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For Google Pay. (641) 210-2103​
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